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The Establishment of the BNS D.A.V. School in GIRIDIH, Jharkhand was a major step which gave the D.A.V movement a new thrust and prestige in the region. After starting in a rented building in Barganda, the school moves into a location in Bulaki Road in downtown GIRIDIH donated by the SAHA FAMILY. The new Facilities makes Bulaki Road the pride of Giridih by bringing it prominently on the educational map of the State. But its Extension to newly 150,000 SFT structures and facilities at SIRSIA on the land, again donated by the SAHA FAMILY, puts this Institution firmly on the map of India.    

The school has now become a dream come true of all associated members and the conclusion of the Residential facilities in this school is the one more major ventures at the Academy. The beginning of new era of the school by opening the Hostel facility fulfils the long cherished desire of the people of this zone. This is further established with the construction of two new wings of the hostel, with an air conditioned and state of the art facilities that will have a capacity of 300 students.

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Block Road, Sirsia, Distt. Giridih - 815302
Contact : Hostel; 06532-224250, 222485
School: 06532-227004
Mobile : +91
E-mail : bnsdavgiridih@hotmail.com

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