Progress Report  

1. Parents will be informed of the academic progress of their wards and their participation in co-curricular activities.    
2. Three terminal tests are likely to be conducted during the academic year.    
     a) 1st Terminal Examination : September 
     b) 2nd Terminal Examination : December
     c) 3rd Terminal Examination : March    
3. Besides these, unit tests are conducted every month, where necessary.
4. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance.
5. There will be no re-examination after any of the terminals on any ground. Parents are requested not to approach the Principal for re-examination.    

1. Parents/Nominee (any two nominees) whose photographs are attached in the Visitors Form can meet their wards.    
2. Parents/Nominated visitors can only be allowed to meet their ward on Sunday/Other holidays with prior permission of the “Hostel Superintendent.    
3. Parents are advised to provide full information about chronic disease (if any) of their ward and medicines prescribed by the Doctor as well as the Doctor’s Fitness            Certificate of the child at the time of seeking admission.    
4. The parents/guardians/students shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the school.    
5. The parents/guardians can have telephonic talk with their wards on Sundays only.    
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