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In today’s world mediocrity is passé. Excellence has now become the prerequisite for success. Today more than ever It's become our responsibility as members of today's society to do what we each can do to provide them with an environment that perpetuates and encourages and guides them towers this.

The term Education is often misconstrued to cover academics only and the system measures the quality of education in terms of percentages the student is able to achieve. What is often lost in the system is realizing that part of a good education is also for the child to have humility and humanity, feeling compassion and developing discipline. It’s about developing right moral values and standards, and developing a balanced sense of civic duty, It’s also about having the ability to judge what is right and wrong. A well balanced combination of the above is what I call a Good Education.    
While a good deal of responsibility lies with the schools and educators, an equally if not more important role in this lies with the parents and all the people that the child interacts with in every day life.    
Children learn from example more than they learn from Guidance.
I strongly believe that through instruction and guidance we, as educators need to produce leaders and role models. This is what will set the chain reaction for the future generations.    
Lets make this work together.    

Jyoti K. Saha
Chairman LMC

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